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Washing/Cleaning system

The RWS (rotational washing system) is technology that perfectly gets rid of all foreign contaminants from material being washed by passing plenty of wash water through a rotrary cylinder (or, shell) that rotates the material about a horizontal axis, using kinetic energy under the influence of gravity.

Product features

  • A custom design with a variety of system elements available as option, making it possible to construct optimized system that reflects profile of material to be washed and stringent requirements of customer

  • Very good washing quality is obtained even for a sophisticated product that requires no damage at all by placing it into an appropriate plastic protective box or securing it to a jig or fixture and then putting them together into the washer

  • Compact size that contributes to space utilization at the site

  • Optional: The process water recycling system without generating wastewater continuously reuses process water by treating it to be clean enough to wash/rinse, thereby providing many advantages such as improved quality + cost saving for process water and wastewater control + eco-friendliness

Application fields

  • Auto Parts-Wash Process

  • Aerospace & Defense Parts-Wash Process

  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic Components-Wash Process

  • Electric & Electronic Components-Wash Process

Special washer with extra large capacity (for lines of large batches of production in e.g. automotive parts)

    • The special-type washer, commeercialized and rolled out by SANGWON in 1987, is one intended for use in large batch production lines in the automotive industry, etc. It is custom-made to specific customer order and requirements.