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RTO + Waste heat recovery system

The waste heat generated during combustion in the RTO can be bypassed to a heat medium boiler or steam boiler to be utilized as a source energy to operate. Another usage includes hot air drying and HVAC hot air heating by using a heat exchanger.

Product features

  • Highly economical as the use of energy can be dramatically reduced by making the most of waste heat

  • Easy to operate and maintain thanks to auto-mode features; low in operating cost

  • Least possibility that leads to secondary environmental pollution

  • Takes up least space for installation, with extended useful life and stable operability

Example of utilization of waste heat in RTO

  • RTO + Hot air recovery system

  • RTO + Heat media boiler (or steam boiler)

RTO + Hot air generator system (Green Dry Oven)

This equipment is a two-in-one system that incorporates a heating unit that supplying the amount of heat necessary for drying process and a RTO that treats VOC gases emitted during the drying process.

The waste VOC gas heat generated during drying process is captured to utilize it as a source of energy and the difference in temperatures during hot (or warm) air heating is reduced through a method of combustion using accumulated heat thereby offering an expected effect of energy saving by about 35 to 50%.

Conventional drying system

Integrated RTO & drying system