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  • SANGWON is is a specialist in direct thermal oxidizer (DTO) and catalyst thermal oxidizer (CTO) that destroy VOCs, HAPs and odors, which have been marketed long time ago and widely used since then by many customers, using our 38 years of accumulated expertise and experiences while developing and supplying a variety of painting equipment to car makers, their OEMs and home appliance manufacturers.

    In addition, regenerative thermal/catalytic oxidizers (RTO & RCO) with horizontal distributor, which we developed under the funding of the MOE's "next-generation environmental R&D" program in 2002, are the most competent equipment that oxidizes and decomposes hazardous gases (VOCs and odors) into water and carbon dioxide at high temperature exceeding 800℃ and discharges them to the atmosphere. They are ideal for use in industrial sites as they offer over 95% of high energy recovery efficiency.

  • Furthermore, the company developed in 2003 an integrated system that converts low-concentration VOCs into high-concentration and burns them out, and registered patents for energy-saving type dryer oven without air pollution, so called "Green Dry Oven" in 2010.

    As such, SANGWON is capable of providing solutions best fit to specific customer requirements in various industrial applications, based on our unique technological knowhow for combustion treatment.

    We at SANGWON continue to exert all reasonable efforts to offer more reliable solutions in the environment technology field. We sincerely look forward to your continual support.

    CEO Kwon Tae-Hoon

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