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Casting impregnation system

Since its first rollout of an impregnator for automotive converter housing in 1993, SANGWON has spurred R&D efforts for impregnator design technology based on customer demands whereby the company now becomes a leading supplier of impregnation systems for casting products with exceptional track records.

Environment-friendly impregnation system types

    • Full automatic (in-line) impregnation system + impregnation liquid regeneration system + process water regeneration system (option)

    • Semi-automatic batch impregnation system + impregnation liquid regeneration system + process water regeneration system (option)

Product features

  • Possesses world-leading technology for large-batch impregnation with fastest cycle time, together with technological implementation records

  • Optionally offers an in-line system that fully automates entire pre-/post-processes and transit process including impregnation process

  • Offers built-in impregnation liquid regeneration and recycling sealant units that offer cost saving by reducing the use of excess impregnation liquid as well as eco-friendliness by reducing waste generation

  • Provides optimally custom-made state-of-the-art impregnators using accumulated expertise in design, manufacturing, commissioning and operational training for site personnel

  • Optional: The water recycling system is a best of choice for enhanced impregnation quality as it purifies/regenerates on a periodic basis the washing/rinsing water that gets turbid in a hot water tank or rinse tank, and remarkably reduces the waste effluent by concentrating the large amount of used process water into the small amount (approx. 3%).

Application fields

  • Casting products in the car industry

  • Casting products in the general machine parts industry

Structure and in-processes of impregnation liquid regeneration system (RSS) and Impregnation no-wastewater system (RWS)