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Microwave dry system
(Environment-friendly + Energy-saving)

SANGWON establishes itself as an environment-friendly & energy-saving microwave dry system manufacturer that takes lead of the relevant field, thanks to the support of its clients, since successful implementation of a pilot project to locally develop industrial microwave dryer as part of the government-led energy saving R&D program in 2000, followed by successful delivery of a large-size 400 kW dryer to an automotive material plant in 2002.

Product features

  • Effects of increased productivity and higher energy saving, thanks to substantial process time reduction, than conventional hot-air/gas type technology

  • Highest quality achieved through selective heating of microwave targeted only on water inside the dryer, thereby preserving original color and rendering perfect drying

  • Environment-friendly dryer with safe-to-use and cozy ambience features by minimizing noise, gas emission and thermal loss through exterior wall

  • No need of a separate cooling process as post-dried work piece that is in transit is low in surface temperature

  • Optimized cycle time and easy to control features depending on type/size of work piece and amount of production

  • Easy operation, lower maintenance burden and compact footprint saving space (less than 1/4 of an area occupied by conventional general-type dryer)

Application fields

  • Drying of cast-core in the automotive industry

  • Drying of ceramic items in the ceramic industry

  • Drying/sterilization of foods and drugs

  • Drying of a variety of materials

  • Rubber and plastic industry

  • Drying and heat-treatment of textile and timber

  • Drying of papers/printouts and application in the semiconductor industry, etc.

Dielectric material heating/drying technology using microwave

When applying microwave so as to be injected to internal of a dielectric material (±), the microwave is converted into heat as water molecules in the moist material rotate and vibrate synchronously, resulting in friction between the polar molecules. It is a self-heating mechanism inside the material, escalating extraction/diffusion of water molecules over the material surface. Our technology achieves high efficiency in converting microwave field energy into heat energy, meaning that a perfect degree of drying is accomplished with a very short period of time. Furthermore, it significantly resolves many problematic issues the conventional drying technology has, such as surface shrinkage, surface curing, occurrence of cracks, moist residues and bubbles. This solution ensuring innovatively improved quality and productivity as well as the comfortable and safe workplace is widely applicable to the drying process in various industrial fields.