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VOC concentrator + RTO system (CRTO)

The CRTO is a system that concentrates large-volumetric low-concentration process exhaust gas into small-volumetric high-concentration gas by making the most of the calorific value of the gas itself to minimize fuel consumption. Low concentrations of VOCs and odorous gases are adsorbed while passing through the concentrator and then discharged into the atmosphere in clean gaseous state. The adsorbed gas is desorbed by the concentrator through the use of heat generated from the RTO’s thermal oxidation process and the desorbed gas in a state of high concentration and small volumetric flow rate undergoes oxidation process at high temperature to be decomposed into clean emission such as H2O and CO2 before exhausting them externally.

The advanced RTO system incorporated with energy-saving VOC concentrator uses concentrated VOC gas as alternative energy.

The CRTO equipment of the Company is a most economic system that adsorbs low-concentration VOC gases/odors at temperatures of not greater than 50℃ with the use of a VOC concentrator and desorbs/regenerates them into highly concentrated VOC gases using an advanced RTO.

Product features

  • Smaller RTO dimensions are achieved thanks to sizing reducing technology that concentrates incoming VOC laden streams by 5 to 12 times in terms of volume; highly concentrated VOC gases are utilized as alternative auxiliary fuel; and, the waste heat can be reused as energy for a dry oven or boiler

  • Highly versatile design in terms of installation area, height and orientation adjustment and excellent installability even in limited spaces

  • Guarantees system safety against variable flow rates and concentrations of VOC gases

  • Excellent durability, heat resistance and sealing properties offer cost saving for maintenance as well as reliability of rotor and seals

  • Enhanced convenience in maintenance of RTO rotor

Fusion RTO (Integrated type of VOC concentrator + RTO system)

This equipment concentrates and oxidizes incoming air streams, from low to high concentration, prior to discharging them to the atmosphere. It is a modular type consisting of pretreatment filters, rotary type concentrator and RTO. The Fusion-type RTO assures easy-to-use compactness and high operational efficiency as it is the world-first modular hybrid type for industrial applications.