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Painting/Coating plant (ECO-friendly + Energy saving)

We at SANGWON, since kick-off in 1984 of the industry-first commercialization of systems dedicated to painting lines in the automotive industry, also added an exhaust air purifying system for painting dry-off lines to respond to customer demands. As such, the company has continuously doubled its global competitiveness proven, inter alia, by successful accomplishment of the Ministry of Environment (MOE)-subsidized next-generation environmental technology development tasks, nomination by the MOE as the environmental technology leader and registration of four patents. As evidenced by our past performance, let alone a series of supply/construction of VOC reduction systems tailored to requirements of water-based painting plants, we are recognized as a renowned solution provider for highly environment-friendly and energy-saving systems in the painting/coating fields.

Product features

  • All-in-one service provider for turnkey system engineering + customized fabrication + maintenance service, with quick and in-time delivery

  • Highly-responsive customized system configuration featuring full automation, highest safety and user-friendly HMI

  • Least possibility that leads to secondary environmental pollution

  • Leading edge expertise and reliability accumulated through the industry-first commercialization and unrivalled records of project execution in number and varieties

  • Technological competitiveness with capabilities of chemical analysis and dry-off tests on various materials used in painting, coating, impregnation and washing

  • Environment-friendly, state-of-the-art exhaust air purifying system that creates a comfortable workplace environment

Application fields

  • Passenger car, truck

    Body Painting & Coating Lines

  • Passenger car, truck

    Parts Painting & Coating Lines

  • Heavy machinery

    Body/Parts Painting & Coating Lines

  • Steel pipe, steel plate

    Painting & Coating Lines

  • Furniture and others

    Painting & Coating Lines

System types and processes

  • Pretreatment System

  • Electro-coating System

  • Solvent or Water-based Painting

  • Powder Painting System

  • Paint Spray Booth & Traveling Booth

  • Dry-off & Baking Oven System

  • Lubricating Film System

  • Air Handling Unit & Exhaust Air
    Purifying Systems etc